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September 08, 2007



Can you tell me what the closest subway station is and from what line? Japanese maps are a bit hard for me to read...



Hello, Anne. Thank you for the comment.

Jiyugaoka has the station with name on it at Tokyu Toyoko line, which is not subway but private line departing from Shibuya station. The line has connection from Hibiya line of Tokyo Metro Subway at Nakameguro stataion.

Is my description clear to you? If you're not or have any other quesion, please feel free to ask me.


Thanks so much your your reply---I'm sorry my question accidentally posted four times!

The reason why I ask it this: I've been doing some research for my trip to Tokyo next week and I'm looking for places to go. I'm actually really interested in also going to:

Palais des Thes
5-24-2 Okusawa Setagaya-Ku
Tokyo 158

I'm having a hard time finding a good map or directions, and I noticed that Sinajina "looks" like it might be close by. Am I totally wrong about this?

I really appreciate your response!

Anne Rubin


Never mind about double or triple commenting. Those things happen.

The place of Palais des Thes is here. I hope it helps.

If you like English tea, the other shop named LUPICIA opened the flagship shop in Jiyugaoka this August. You may want to go there too.

LUPICIA has English website but it seems the contents are limited. Here're photos of Jiyugaoka shop from Japanese site.
And here's the place.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!


Hello again Kush---

So...would I still take the Tokyu Toyoko line departing from Shibuya for Palais des Thes? Would I get off at Okusawa, and it it relatively close to the subway? The map is still a bit confusing...I can't read Japanese, so is the yellow highlighted strip Okusawa Street?

LUPICIA sounds very cool! I will be sure to make a stop there. I really appreciate your blog---I like seeing neighborhoods in my travel much more than the status quo things in a guidebook. I also make it a point to find tea shops in my travels---I am also going to Shizouka and hope to drink a lot of tea there! And I also will make sure to make plans to see Jiyugaoka for LUPICIA.

Thanks again for your response! Your responses are very helpful!



Yes, take Tokyu Toyoko line and get off at Jiyugaoka station. It is possible to get there taking Tokyu Meguro line and getting off at Okusawa station. But I don't recommend the route for tourlist since Okusawa is relatively very small station and there's no landmark.

Have a good trip, Anne!

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